Whatever Next? began as a band of school friends, with the primary aim being the basic pursuit of having fun making music. Since those early days the band has honed its musical and performing talent and evolved along the way to keep its sound fresh, whilst remaining true to that early principal.

From their latest E.P. ‘First of Tomorrow’ Whatever Next? are gaining momentum, the energy and commitment they give are being rewarded with glowing press reviews and two tracks on the much coveted Cool FM play list. The band have a sound which is so current, and songs with such appeal that although their E.P. was produced to demo level, they had earned a place alongside the worlds biggest selling artists on Northern Irelands most popular music radio station.

The guys have shown the qualities required to arrive at this point. Unsigned. They have come a long way, paying their dues in the clubs and bars of Belfast and their rural counterparts. Saving gig money for equipment, studio time and recording of a video, all for the progression of the band.

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