Prices And Other Details

Prices For Web Design, Hosting And Other Details   (Help)

For your own Email address only, prices start at £70.

For a website, prices start at £150.

Running costs (domain name and hosting) start at approximately £36/annum.
(The first year of running costs is included in the above prices.)


NB – If you are a charity / community group, I’ll try my best to fit you in free of charge.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

What is included in the price?

You get your own Email addresses e.g. “”

Your web site is:-

  • Hosted on reliable servers.
  • Optimized so it can be easily found, using the major search engines.
  • Optimized so that it loads quickly, even for non-broadband users.

Your Email is:-

  • Virus scanned.
  • Spam filtered.

Other Details

If you have an Email address that you already use, all Emails to your new company Email address can be forwarded to this address so there is no need for any extra configuration on your part.