2004: And So It Begins

A man by the name of Jordan McClements from Northern Ireland starts this website for his web design and pc service company. The picture below is how this website would have looked if you visited it in 2004:

2004 - Mid

McClements also starts uploading pictures he takes of various scenery in Northern Ireland.   These pictures were located on a subdomain of this website.  They are amazing pictures.   We recovered as many of these as we could and have displayed them on this website:

2005 - 2009

McClements does an amazing job at designing websites.  He picks up several clients and it appears that the business is going good.  The clients serviced by this website between 2004 – 2009 are all included in the reconstructed portfolio page.


The website is redesigned to a new design.  The screenshot below shows what the website would have looked like if you visited it in 2009:

2010 Design is patched up

McClements tweaks the previous design to give the website a boxed appearance.  The picture below is what you should have saw had you visited this website in 2010:

2015 It goes dark

The last time McClements website is known to have existed is December 17, 2014.   McClements elects to not renew the domain name, the domain expires, and the original website is forever lost.

2015: Domain Sharks Take A Bite

Seeing that the website had a high domain authority and a significant amount of backlinks, a scoundrel bought the domain in hopes of extorting the previous owner into paying to get his website back.  It didn’t work however, as eventually the domain shark gave up…

2017: It lives Again

This is where the current owners got it before the domain sharks could.  We have restored every available part of this website to its original form.   McClemmonts was not just a good web design, he was an amazing photographer.  We hope you enjoy his photograph as much as we did!